Geometric Shapes Unicode Block

Geometric Shapes is a Unicode block of 96 symbols at codepoint range U+25A0-25FF.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Geometric Shapes unicode block. Currently there are 96 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Black SquareU+25A0Black Square
White SquareU+25A1White Square
White Square With Rounded CornersU+25A2White Square With Rounded Corners
White Square Containing Black Small SquareU+25A3White Square Containing Black Small Square
Square With Horizontal FillU+25A4Square With Horizontal Fill
Square With Vertical FillU+25A5Square With Vertical Fill
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch FillU+25A6Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right FillU+25A7Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left FillU+25A8Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch FillU+25A9Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
Black Small SquareU+25AABlack Small Square
White Small SquareU+25ABWhite Small Square
Black RectangleU+25ACBlack Rectangle
White RectangleU+25ADWhite Rectangle
Black Vertical RectangleU+25AEBlack Vertical Rectangle
White Vertical RectangleU+25AFWhite Vertical Rectangle
Black ParallelogramU+25B0Black Parallelogram
White ParallelogramU+25B1White Parallelogram
Black Up-Pointing TriangleU+25B2Black Up-Pointing Triangle
White Up-Pointing TriangleU+25B3White Up-Pointing Triangle
Black Up-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B4Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle
White Up-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B5White Up-Pointing Small Triangle
Black Right-Pointing TriangleU+25B6Black Right-Pointing Triangle
White Right-Pointing TriangleU+25B7White Right-Pointing Triangle
Black Right-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B8Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle
White Right-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B9White Right-Pointing Small Triangle
Black Right-Pointing PointerU+25BABlack Right-Pointing Pointer
White Right-Pointing PointerU+25BBWhite Right-Pointing Pointer
Black Down-Pointing TriangleU+25BCBlack Down-Pointing Triangle
White Down-Pointing TriangleU+25BDWhite Down-Pointing Triangle
Black Down-Pointing Small TriangleU+25BEBlack Down-Pointing Small Triangle
White Down-Pointing Small TriangleU+25BFWhite Down-Pointing Small Triangle
Black Left-Pointing TriangleU+25C0Black Left-Pointing Triangle
White Left-Pointing TriangleU+25C1White Left-Pointing Triangle
Black Left-Pointing Small TriangleU+25C2Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle
White Left-Pointing Small TriangleU+25C3White Left-Pointing Small Triangle
Black Left-Pointing PointerU+25C4Black Left-Pointing Pointer
White Left-Pointing PointerU+25C5White Left-Pointing Pointer
Black DiamondU+25C6Black Diamond
White DiamondU+25C7White Diamond
White Diamond Containing Black Small DiamondU+25C8White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
White CircleU+25CBWhite Circle
Dotted CircleU+25CCDotted Circle
Circle With Vertical FillU+25CDCircle With Vertical Fill
Black CircleU+25CFBlack Circle
Circle With Left Half BlackU+25D0Circle With Left Half Black
Circle With Right Half BlackU+25D1Circle With Right Half Black