Alphabetic Presentation Forms Unicode Block

The Unicode Alphabetic Presentation Forms block, located in the Unicode Standard, is a range of code points reserved for characters and ligatures commonly used in typography and writing systems. These characters are typically presentation forms of letters, digits, and punctuation marks that are designed to be displayed in a specific style, often for aesthetic or historical reasons. This block contains a variety of typographic elements, such as ligatures, swashes, and other decorative forms of letters, making it valuable for representing text in a more visually appealing or traditional manner. Users may encounter characters from this block when dealing with specialized fonts or when rendering text with specific typographic features. Overall, the Alphabetic Presentation Forms block enhances the ability to display text in various artistic and stylistic forms, contributing to the richness and flexibility of text representation in Unicode-based systems.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Alphabetic Presentation Forms unicode block. Currently there are 58 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Latin Small Ligature FfU+FB00Latin Small Ligature Ff
Latin Small Ligature FiU+FB01Latin Small Ligature Fi
Latin Small Ligature FlU+FB02Latin Small Ligature Fl
Latin Small Ligature FfiU+FB03Latin Small Ligature Ffi
Latin Small Ligature FflU+FB04Latin Small Ligature Ffl
Latin Small Ligature Long S TU+FB05Latin Small Ligature Long S T
Latin Small Ligature StU+FB06Latin Small Ligature St
Armenian Small Ligature Men NowU+FB13Armenian Small Ligature Men Now
Armenian Small Ligature Men EchU+FB14Armenian Small Ligature Men Ech
Armenian Small Ligature Men IniU+FB15Armenian Small Ligature Men Ini
Armenian Small Ligature Vew NowU+FB16Armenian Small Ligature Vew Now
Armenian Small Ligature Men XehU+FB17Armenian Small Ligature Men Xeh
Hebrew Letter Yod With HiriqU+FB1DHebrew Letter Yod With Hiriq
Hebrew Point Judeo-Spanish VarikaU+FB1EHebrew Point Judeo-Spanish Varika
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Yod Yod PatahU+FB1FHebrew Ligature Yiddish Yod Yod Patah
Hebrew Letter Alternative AyinU+FB20Hebrew Letter Alternative Ayin
Hebrew Letter Wide AlefU+FB21Hebrew Letter Wide Alef
Hebrew Letter Wide DaletU+FB22Hebrew Letter Wide Dalet
Hebrew Letter Wide HeU+FB23Hebrew Letter Wide He
Hebrew Letter Wide KafU+FB24Hebrew Letter Wide Kaf
Hebrew Letter Wide LamedU+FB25Hebrew Letter Wide Lamed
Hebrew Letter Wide Final MemU+FB26Hebrew Letter Wide Final Mem
Hebrew Letter Wide ReshU+FB27Hebrew Letter Wide Resh
Hebrew Letter Wide TavU+FB28Hebrew Letter Wide Tav
Hebrew Letter Alternative Plus SignU+FB29Hebrew Letter Alternative Plus Sign
Hebrew Letter Shin With Shin DotU+FB2AHebrew Letter Shin With Shin Dot
Hebrew Letter Shin With Sin DotU+FB2BHebrew Letter Shin With Sin Dot
Hebrew Letter Shin With Dagesh And Shin DotU+FB2CHebrew Letter Shin With Dagesh And Shin Dot
Hebrew Letter Shin With Dagesh And Sin DotU+FB2DHebrew Letter Shin With Dagesh And Sin Dot
Hebrew Letter Alef With PatahU+FB2EHebrew Letter Alef With Patah
Hebrew Letter Alef With QamatsU+FB2FHebrew Letter Alef With Qamats
Hebrew Letter Alef With MapiqU+FB30Hebrew Letter Alef With Mapiq
Hebrew Letter Bet With DageshU+FB31Hebrew Letter Bet With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Gimel With DageshU+FB32Hebrew Letter Gimel With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Dalet With DageshU+FB33Hebrew Letter Dalet With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter He With MapiqU+FB34Hebrew Letter He With Mapiq
Hebrew Letter Vav With DageshU+FB35Hebrew Letter Vav With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Zayin With DageshU+FB36Hebrew Letter Zayin With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Tet With DageshU+FB38Hebrew Letter Tet With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Yod With DageshU+FB39Hebrew Letter Yod With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Final Kaf With DageshU+FB3AHebrew Letter Final Kaf With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Kaf With DageshU+FB3BHebrew Letter Kaf With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Lamed With DageshU+FB3CHebrew Letter Lamed With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Mem With DageshU+FB3EHebrew Letter Mem With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Nun With DageshU+FB40Hebrew Letter Nun With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Samekh With DageshU+FB41Hebrew Letter Samekh With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Final Pe With DageshU+FB43Hebrew Letter Final Pe With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Pe With DageshU+FB44Hebrew Letter Pe With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Tsadi With DageshU+FB46Hebrew Letter Tsadi With Dagesh
Hebrew Letter Qof With DageshU+FB47Hebrew Letter Qof With Dagesh