'㏕' - U+33D5 Square Mil

Unicode Data

View details and encodings for Unicode character U+33D5 Square Mil, located in the CJK Compatibility block and Other Symbol category. This character was released in 1993 under Unicode version 1.1.

Square Mil
Other Symbol
CJK Compatibility
[square] m (U+006D),  i (U+0069),  l (U+006C)
Unicode Version:
Unicode 1.1

Character Encodings

HTML Entity - Decimal:
HTML Entity - Hex:

Other Characters Based on ' m ' (U+006D)

Image Browser Unicode Name
Modifier Letter Small MU+1D50Modifier Letter Small M
Latin Small Letter M With AcuteḿU+1E3FLatin Small Letter M With Acute
Latin Small Letter M With Dot AboveU+1E41Latin Small Letter M With Dot Above
Latin Small Letter M With Dot BelowU+1E43Latin Small Letter M With Dot Below
Latin Subscript Small Letter MU+2098Latin Subscript Small Letter M
Small Roman Numeral One ThousandU+217FSmall Roman Numeral One Thousand
Parenthesized Latin Small Letter MU+24A8Parenthesized Latin Small Letter M
Circled Latin Small Letter MU+24DCCircled Latin Small Letter M
Square DmU+3377Square Dm
Square Dm SquaredU+3378Square Dm Squared
Square Dm CubedU+3379Square Dm Cubed
Square MaU+3383Square Ma
Square MgU+338ESquare Mg
Square MlU+3396Square Ml
Square FmU+3399Square Fm
Square NmU+339ASquare Nm
Square Mu MU+339BSquare Mu M
Square MmU+339CSquare Mm
Square CmU+339DSquare Cm
Square KmU+339ESquare Km
Square Mm SquaredU+339FSquare Mm Squared
Square Cm SquaredU+33A0Square Cm Squared
Square M SquaredU+33A1Square M Squared
Square Km SquaredU+33A2Square Km Squared
Square Mm CubedU+33A3Square Mm Cubed
Square Cm CubedU+33A4Square Cm Cubed
Square M CubedU+33A5Square M Cubed
Square Km CubedU+33A6Square Km Cubed
Square M Over SU+33A7Square M Over S
Square M Over S SquaredU+33A8Square M Over S Squared
Square MsU+33B3Square Ms
Square MvU+33B7Square Mv
Square MwU+33BDSquare Mw
Square AmU+33C2Square Am
Square LmU+33D0Square Lm
Square Mb SmallU+33D4Square Mb Small
Square MilU+33D5Square Mil
Square MolU+33D6Square Mol
Square PmU+33D8Square Pm
Square V Over MU+33DESquare V Over M
Square A Over MU+33DFSquare A Over M
Fullwidth Latin Small Letter MU+FF4DFullwidth Latin Small Letter M
Mathematical Bold Small M𝐦U+1D426Mathematical Bold Small M
Mathematical Italic Small M𝑚U+1D45AMathematical Italic Small M
Mathematical Bold Italic Small M𝒎U+1D48EMathematical Bold Italic Small M
Mathematical Script Small M𝓂U+1D4C2Mathematical Script Small M
Mathematical Bold Script Small M𝓶U+1D4F6Mathematical Bold Script Small M
Mathematical Fraktur Small M𝔪U+1D52AMathematical Fraktur Small M
Mathematical Double-Struck Small M𝕞U+1D55EMathematical Double-Struck Small M
Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M𝖒U+1D592Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Small M𝗆U+1D5C6Mathematical Sans-Serif Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M𝗺U+1D5FAMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M𝘮U+1D62EMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M𝙢U+1D662Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M
Mathematical Monospace Small M𝚖U+1D696Mathematical Monospace Small M

Other Characters Based on ' i ' (U+0069)

Image Browser Unicode Name
Latin Small Letter I With GraveìU+00ECLatin Small Letter I With Grave
Latin Small Letter I With AcuteíU+00EDLatin Small Letter I With Acute
Latin Small Letter I With CircumflexîU+00EELatin Small Letter I With Circumflex
Latin Small Letter I With DiaeresisïU+00EFLatin Small Letter I With Diaeresis
Latin Small Letter I With TildeĩU+0129Latin Small Letter I With Tilde
Latin Small Letter I With MacronīU+012BLatin Small Letter I With Macron
Latin Small Letter I With BreveĭU+012DLatin Small Letter I With Breve
Latin Small Letter I With OgonekįU+012FLatin Small Letter I With Ogonek
Latin Small Ligature IjijU+0133Latin Small Ligature Ij
Latin Small Letter I With CaronǐU+01D0Latin Small Letter I With Caron
Latin Small Letter I With Double GraveȉU+0209Latin Small Letter I With Double Grave
Latin Small Letter I With Inverted BreveȋU+020BLatin Small Letter I With Inverted Breve
Latin Subscript Small Letter IU+1D62Latin Subscript Small Letter I
Latin Small Letter I With Tilde BelowU+1E2DLatin Small Letter I With Tilde Below
Latin Small Letter I With Hook AboveU+1EC9Latin Small Letter I With Hook Above
Latin Small Letter I With Dot BelowU+1ECBLatin Small Letter I With Dot Below
Superscript Latin Small Letter IU+2071Superscript Latin Small Letter I
Information SourceU+2139Information Source
Double-Struck Italic Small IU+2148Double-Struck Italic Small I
Small Roman Numeral OneU+2170Small Roman Numeral One
Small Roman Numeral TwoU+2171Small Roman Numeral Two
Small Roman Numeral ThreeU+2172Small Roman Numeral Three
Small Roman Numeral FourU+2173Small Roman Numeral Four
Small Roman Numeral SixU+2175Small Roman Numeral Six
Small Roman Numeral SevenU+2176Small Roman Numeral Seven
Small Roman Numeral EightU+2177Small Roman Numeral Eight
Small Roman Numeral NineU+2178Small Roman Numeral Nine
Small Roman Numeral ElevenU+217ASmall Roman Numeral Eleven
Small Roman Numeral TwelveU+217BSmall Roman Numeral Twelve
Parenthesized Latin Small Letter IU+24A4Parenthesized Latin Small Letter I
Circled Latin Small Letter IU+24D8Circled Latin Small Letter I
Square InU+33CCSquare In
Square MilU+33D5Square Mil
Latin Small Ligature FiU+FB01Latin Small Ligature Fi
Latin Small Ligature FfiU+FB03Latin Small Ligature Ffi
Fullwidth Latin Small Letter IU+FF49Fullwidth Latin Small Letter I
Mathematical Bold Small I𝐢U+1D422Mathematical Bold Small I
Mathematical Italic Small I𝑖U+1D456Mathematical Italic Small I
Mathematical Bold Italic Small I𝒊U+1D48AMathematical Bold Italic Small I
Mathematical Script Small I𝒾U+1D4BEMathematical Script Small I
Mathematical Bold Script Small I𝓲U+1D4F2Mathematical Bold Script Small I
Mathematical Fraktur Small I𝔦U+1D526Mathematical Fraktur Small I
Mathematical Double-Struck Small I𝕚U+1D55AMathematical Double-Struck Small I
Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small I𝖎U+1D58EMathematical Bold Fraktur Small I
Mathematical Sans-Serif Small I𝗂U+1D5C2Mathematical Sans-Serif Small I
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small I𝗶U+1D5F6Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small I
Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small I𝘪U+1D62AMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small I
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small I𝙞U+1D65EMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small I
Mathematical Monospace Small I𝚒U+1D692Mathematical Monospace Small I