'㍹' - U+3379 Square Dm Cubed

Unicode Data

View details and encodings for Unicode character U+3379 Square Dm Cubed, located in the CJK Compatibility block and Other Symbol category. This character was released in 2003 under Unicode version 4.0.

Square Dm Cubed
Other Symbol
CJK Compatibility
[square] d (U+0064),  m (U+006D),  ³ (U+00B3)
Other Neutrals
Unicode Version:
Unicode 4.0

Character Encodings

HTML Entity - Decimal:
HTML Entity - Hex:

Other Characters Based on ' m ' (U+006D)

Image Browser Unicode Name
Modifier Letter Small MU+1D50Modifier Letter Small M
Latin Small Letter M With AcuteḿU+1E3FLatin Small Letter M With Acute
Latin Small Letter M With Dot AboveU+1E41Latin Small Letter M With Dot Above
Latin Small Letter M With Dot BelowU+1E43Latin Small Letter M With Dot Below
Latin Subscript Small Letter MU+2098Latin Subscript Small Letter M
Small Roman Numeral One ThousandU+217FSmall Roman Numeral One Thousand
Parenthesized Latin Small Letter MU+24A8Parenthesized Latin Small Letter M
Circled Latin Small Letter MU+24DCCircled Latin Small Letter M
Square DmU+3377Square Dm
Square Dm SquaredU+3378Square Dm Squared
Square Dm CubedU+3379Square Dm Cubed
Square MaU+3383Square Ma
Square MgU+338ESquare Mg
Square MlU+3396Square Ml
Square FmU+3399Square Fm
Square NmU+339ASquare Nm
Square Mu MU+339BSquare Mu M
Square MmU+339CSquare Mm
Square CmU+339DSquare Cm
Square KmU+339ESquare Km
Square Mm SquaredU+339FSquare Mm Squared
Square Cm SquaredU+33A0Square Cm Squared
Square M SquaredU+33A1Square M Squared
Square Km SquaredU+33A2Square Km Squared
Square Mm CubedU+33A3Square Mm Cubed
Square Cm CubedU+33A4Square Cm Cubed
Square M CubedU+33A5Square M Cubed
Square Km CubedU+33A6Square Km Cubed
Square M Over SU+33A7Square M Over S
Square M Over S SquaredU+33A8Square M Over S Squared
Square MsU+33B3Square Ms
Square MvU+33B7Square Mv
Square MwU+33BDSquare Mw
Square AmU+33C2Square Am
Square LmU+33D0Square Lm
Square Mb SmallU+33D4Square Mb Small
Square MilU+33D5Square Mil
Square MolU+33D6Square Mol
Square PmU+33D8Square Pm
Square V Over MU+33DESquare V Over M
Square A Over MU+33DFSquare A Over M
Fullwidth Latin Small Letter MU+FF4DFullwidth Latin Small Letter M
Mathematical Bold Small M𝐦U+1D426Mathematical Bold Small M
Mathematical Italic Small M𝑚U+1D45AMathematical Italic Small M
Mathematical Bold Italic Small M𝒎U+1D48EMathematical Bold Italic Small M
Mathematical Script Small M𝓂U+1D4C2Mathematical Script Small M
Mathematical Bold Script Small M𝓶U+1D4F6Mathematical Bold Script Small M
Mathematical Fraktur Small M𝔪U+1D52AMathematical Fraktur Small M
Mathematical Double-Struck Small M𝕞U+1D55EMathematical Double-Struck Small M
Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M𝖒U+1D592Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Small M𝗆U+1D5C6Mathematical Sans-Serif Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M𝗺U+1D5FAMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M𝘮U+1D62EMathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M
Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M𝙢U+1D662Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M
Mathematical Monospace Small M𝚖U+1D696Mathematical Monospace Small M

Other Characters Based on ' ³ ' (U+00B3)